Cài đặt windows xp embedded cho máy công nghiệp – 0932 783 869

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    Cài đặt windows xp embedded cho máy công nghiệp – 0932 783 869

    Hướng dẫn các bước cài đặt hệ điều hành nhúng

    windows xp embedded

    1- Install WINXP and driver completely.
    2- Put WINXP Embedded XP Disk1 in ODD.
    3- Run “setup” in Disk 1, and then click “Tools setup”.
    4- After“Tools setup” completed, then click “Database Engine Setup”.
    5- After“Database Engine Setup” completed, select “All programs->Startup->Service Manager”, then click service icon in taskbar, click “Start/continue”.
    6- Put Disk2 in ODD, run setup in Disk2.Select”Database Setup”.
    7- Put Disk3 in ODD, run setup in Disk3.Select”Database Update”.
    8- In “C:\programm files\utilities”, double click “tap’, then it will create “devices.pmq” automatically. 9- Select “All programs->Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio->Component Designer”.
    10- Open “File”, choose “Import…”, import “devices.pmq”, and input log file name, click “start”. 11- Save “devices”.
    12- Select “All programs->Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio->Component Database Manager”, import devices file that created, then “close”.
    13- Select “All programs->Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio->Target Designer”. Open “file”, choose “New”, click “OK”.
    14- Open “Configuration”, choose “Check Dependencies”.
    15- After “Check Dependencies” finished, there are 4 errors. Double click task name, select “NT loader”, “English Language Support”, “FAT Format”, “Explorer Shell” apart.
    16- Open “Configuration”, choose “Check Dependencies” again.
    17- Open “Configuration”, choose “Build Target Image”, and click “Build”.
    18- After “Build” finished, copy BOOTPREP file in “C:\Programs files\Windows Embedded\ Utilities” to “C:\Windows Embedded Image”
    19- Copy all files in “Windows Embedded Image” to another disk format FAT32 or NTFS.
    20- Boot from floppy to DOS, then active the partition which has system files.
    21- Reboot to DOS, execute BOOTPREP file.
    22- Boot from HDD. The Embedded Windows XPis completed.
    23- Input use name” administrator ”, then press “Enter” key after enter OS.24- Copy folder “Windows Embedded Data” to another disk for installing the driver.

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